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Report for the year 2007-08

Presented to the 43rd Annual General Body Meeting held on 17 Nov07 at IMF HQrs

1. Ladies and Gentlemen, I extend a very hearty welcome to all members.

1.1    Before we commence the proceeding of the 43rd AGM, I request that we pay tribute to the memory of those whom we have lost in the past one year by observing two Minutes silence. Late Shri P N Gouda-Librarian IMF, died in May ‘07; Late Shri Kalyan Singh- member of IMF sponsored expedition to Rimo (J&K) died while crossing Shyok river during Sept 07 and late Shri Angnima Sherpa and Mimingma Sherpa lost life during an avalanche in our Changuch expedition, may God almighty rest their noble souls in peace and grant their family to bear their untimely loss.

1.2     This has been a tumultuous year in the history of IMF in which we launched maximum number of Mountaineering expeditions and all to technically difficult peaks, the details are covered in subsequent paragraphs. We also made a kind of world history by putting 4 disabled youth on the top of Stock Kangri. Before I proceed further, I express my gratitude to Hony Secy, Hony FA, GC members and Chairmen and members of various committees and staff of IMF which made the year so successful.


2.1    I had a meeting with the Chief Secretary and other senior officials of the Government of Uttarakhand on 12 April 2007 to discuss pending matters mainly with regards to the levy of extra fees and clearances and to restore to earlier practice of having a single-stage clearance from IMF. In this connection we also had a meeting with Jt Secy MoH, who have taken up the matter separately with the State. As of now the matter remains in the same State.

Meeting with Dr Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India.

2.2    I and Prof Syed Iqbal Hasnain, leading glaciologist, our member met the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh on 05 July with a proposal to initiate study on fast melting of Himalayan glaciers vis-à-vis global warming as hardly any study is being on the subject and it will have a catastrophic effect to the populace of India and recommended that a Center/Himalayan Authority or similar body be set up. The Prime Minister was very receptive to the idea and asked his JS to convene a high level meeting on the subject. On Oct 15 the Principal Secy to the PM chaired a high level meeting on climate change with special focus on Indian Himalayan glaciers. It was then decided to create a National Glacier Monitoring Authority for monitoring benchmark glaciers and it was desired that IMF should be involved in appropriate collaborative framework. The National Climate Study Center at Pune would be associated with the project. This has brought IMF in the center stage of any such work in the Himalayan region.

2.3    Three Governing Council Meetings in February, June and October were held during the year,


    Indian Expeditions

3.1    69 mountaineering expeditions were booked but only 60 materialized.

Foreign Expeditions

3.2     59 foreign expeditions were booked this year out of which 52 expeditions materialized. The good trend is that the expeditions are small and the ladies participation is high as well as the age of participants which at the high end stands to the age of 73. 

IMF Sponsored Expeditions

3.3     IMF launched following 7 expeditions this year:


Panwali Dwar(6,663 m): from 15 May to 15 Jun 07.

Leader: Lt Col Vijay Singh


The IMF expedition reached with in 50 m of the summit. Panwali Dwar, a technically difficult pin-shaped snowy mountain in the Nanda Devi range.. The reason was consistent bad weather.


Mulkila-4: All Women expedition from 01 to 15 Jul  07

Leader: Ms. Deepu Sharma


Rinchen, Parineeta, Kusum, Bidya and Neeta reached the top on 14 July 2007 after 13 hours negotiation of the knife edged ridge leading to summit.


Manthosa (6443m): all women expedition from  01  to 31 Aug 07

Leader: Ms Chaula Jagirdar


The first attempt party of 6 climbers returned due to bad weather. However, the in second attempt, Tusi Das, Bhanita and Chanda successfully scaled the peak.


Rimo (7385m): 18 Aug to 30 Sep  07

Leader: Major Dhami


The expedition was flagged off by the President, IMF on 18 August 07 and was successful with one casuality..


Bhrigupanth (6772m.): all women Expedition- 01 to 30 Sep 07

Leader: Ms Bimla Negi



The expedition was flagged off by President IMF on 30 Aug 07. Expedition was successful.


Indrasan (6221m) – 01  to 30 Sept

Leader: Sub. Amar Prakesh


The expedition was flagged off by the President IMF on 30 Aug 07 was successful.


IMF-Navy Joint expedition to Virgin Peak Changuch (6322m) – 15 Sep to 15 Oct 07.

Leader: Cdr S Dam


The expedition was unsuccessful. The expedition was struck by an avalanche in which two Sherpas lost their life while one was rescued and evacuated and is recuperating.


Cleaning Expedition

3.4     Two cleaning expeditions were planned to Chandratal area and Stok kangri. Stok Kangri was carried out under Sh Sonam Wangyal. However, Chandratal expedition had to be twice cancelled due to bad weather and then postponed to next year.

Award of Scholarships and grants

3.5     To encourage youth belonging to under-privileged families, we have been granting scholarships to deserving men and women to undergo training/courses. Rs.1.48 lakh has been granted by the end of Sep 2007 to undergo mountaineering training/courses at various institutes. There is poor response from various institutes to take advantage of the scheme.

Safety Guidelines For Land based Adventure Activities.

3.6     IMF has been appointed as the national apex body by the Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, for promotion and regulation of mountaineering and related land based adventure activities in the country. Motor cycle/cycle/camel safari's are to be cleared by the IMF. It is, therefore, necessary that we act in a proactive manner and finalise the safety guidelines for all land based adventures specially Skiing, Bungy Jumping, Camel/Motor Cycle safari, Sport Climbing, Rock Climbing etc., and form these as part of our ISO regimen, and inform MYA&S accordingly. A committee consisting of Shri D K Arya and AVM PCS Rautela has been constituted to prepare the necessary guidelines.

Increase in financial assistance to Indian Expeditions.

3.7     IMF gives financial support to Indian expeditions organised by the clubs/associations affiliated with IMF. The quantum of financial amount earlier was Rs.80/day for 12 members from road head to road head. Ministry has put on their Website quantum or Rs.250/day/member/day as financial assistance to mountaineering expeditions. As an apex body such grants from the Ministry has to be routed through IMF. Taking into account the steep increase in prices of items and porter charges, quantum of financial assistance has been increased to Rs.200/day for 7 members and Rs.100/day for remaining members' upto maximum 12 members. No assistance will be given to expeditions exceeding 12 members. As of now an amount of Rs.2,74,840/- has been paid as financial assistance to the expeditions approved by IMF.

Request from Sherpa Buddhist Association-cum-Monastery for increase of annual grant.

3.8     President, Sherpa Buddhist Association-cum-Monastery, had requested to increase the annual financial support from Rs.50,000/- to Rs.1 lakh. Keeping in view the escalation in prices and increased welfare activities, educational and medical needs, the annual contribution of IMF was enhanced to Rs.1 lakh from FY 07-08.

Honorarium to Liaison Officers

3.9     The Honorarium to Liaison Officers was fixed at Rs.6,500/- in 1999 inclusive of to and fro travel from their place of residence. As there has been increase in travel costs during the past years and Tour Operators are paying attractive packages to climbers, IMF found it difficult to get Liaison Officers specially their last minute withdrawal. the honorarium has been increased from Rs.6,500/- to Rs.10,000/- inclusive of transportation to and fro w.e.f 2007.

Rationalization of Fee Structure for Climbing

3.10     Taking into consideration the fee structure of neighbouring Himalayan countries, it was felt necessary to restructure the fee system. The rationalized fee structure for foreign expeditions made effective from 2007 is as follows:

Below 6500m

US$ 500 for a party of two members. For additional members upto seven, US$ 200 each.  Thereafter, for each additional member US$ 250 upto a maximum limit of twelve members.

6501 to 7000m

US$ 700 for a party of two members. For additional members upto seven US$ 300 each. Thereafter for each additional member US$       350 upto a maximum limit of twelve members.

7001 and above

US$ 1,000 for a   party of two members. For additional members upto seven US$ 400 each. Thereafter for each additional member US$ 450 upto a maximum of twelve members.

For trekking peaks

(Stok Kangri, Ladakhi, Freindship, Hanuman)

US$ 100 for a party of two members. For additional members upto seven US$ 50 each. Thereafter for each additional member US$ 100 upto a maximum of twelve members


Note: For East Karakoram only joint expeditions with Indian counterparts are permitted as per Government of India directive.


Limitation in number of Members in Foreign, Indian and IMF Sponsored Expeditions.

3.11     Keeping in view the environmental hazards by increase of trekkers both international and domestic, number of members in Foreign, Indian, and IMF sponsored Expeditions limited to a maximum of 7 and in exceptional cases up to 12.

Booking of Peaks online from 2008

3.12     In view of the latest technology and increase of mountaineering expeditions to Indian Himalaya, IMF has decided for online application submission, booking peaks and collection of fees through secure gateway by credit cards from 2008.

Opening of a Seasonal IMF Office at Leh.

3.13     IMF opened an office at Leh to accord clearance for Trekking Peak Stok Kangri so as to give a boost to adventure tourism in Leh area. Govt of J&K provided a room for IMF Office in their tourist complex at Leh. Shri Sonam Wangyal has been kind enough to accept the responsibility of managing the office to issue necessary clearances on behalf of IMF and collect the climbing fee. The office has already collected fees over Rs 2 Lakh, which earlier was not being paid to IMF. IMF office will function from 15 Jun to 15 Sep only every year. IMF plans to also place equipment for hire on a consistent demand from the foreign climbers who were earlier paying high charges to private operators.

IMF recommendation to Government of India to open more peaks in Leh Ladakh area.

3.14     A list of 100 Peaks in Leh-Ladakh was submitted by Shri T Chewang, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) to IMF for opening up. Govt. is considering the request to open a large number of peaks under "open category" in which IMF can given clearance on behalf of the Govt. and will have no requirement of 'X' Visa.

Liberalization - Climbing for Foreigners

3.15     The Visa norm for Mountaineering has been relaxed in that the requirement of Mountaineering X Visa in general has been done away for notified peaks for which normal Tourist Visa will suffice. IMF is now authorized to issue clearances for 113 "Open Peaks" as per Gazette notification. List of 113 Open Peaks is available at the IMF website.

Alpine Style Climbing Camp at NIM from 16 Nov to 29 Nov, 2007.

3.16     An Alpine Style Climbing Camp of IMF is being held at NIM Uttarkashi from 16 to 29 Nov 07 with 30 participants.

High Altitude Mountain Medicine Course

3.17     The first of its kind in India, a dedicated High Altitude Mountain Medicine course was conducted by IMF in association with the the Indian Army at High Altitude Medical Centre (HAMRC), Leh from 29 Jul to 05 Aug 07. The course was attended by qualified medical practitioners to handle problems which arise at high altitude mainly due to rarefied atmosphere and cold. The course covered the subjects such as "Effects of High Altitude, Avalanche causes injuries and treatment and use of Avalanche Beacons, Weather and prediction, Heat & Solar radiation injuries, Effects of Cold & Cold Injuries, Exercise Physiology and human response to high altitude, Survival in Mountains/high altitude, Medical Emergencies in mountains/high altitude, Surgical Emergencies in mountains/high altitude, Altitude illnesses-Minor(Acute& Chronic), Children, Women, Old People in High Altitude, Traumatology & analgesia, CasEvac, Dermatological problems of HA & Skin care, Leadership & Motivation in Mountains, Doping, Complements and alcohol in HA, Rescue Techniques & Organized/Improvised rescue and evacuation, Use of Hyperbolic Chamber, Pre-existing clinical conditions, Navigation in Mountains and Use of GPS, First aid Kits & medial logistics planning for expedition, Nutrition at HAA".

3.18     The course was attended by 24 Doctors from the forces, ITBP and civil organizations. The course faculty consisted of renowned specialists in the field from HAMR, AIIMS and other organisations. Col Rakesh Verma was the Course Director. IMF has planned to make it a yearly feature so that in time to come there are enough specialists available to attend to the problems faced at high altitude and rescue thereof as also in case of accidents/incidents/disaster.

MoU and Indo-Chinese Scientific Expedition : 2007-2012

3.19.     A memorandum of understanding was signed between IMF and Chinese Academy of Science on 21 Dec 06 to jointly conduct an study of the sources of two mighty rivers i.e. Brahmaputra and Sutlej., which originate in Tibet as this has great bearing on India as almost 60 million people live along these rivers and subsist on these.. The study will be carried during the next 4 to 5 years. As envisaged, the expedition could not take place in 2007 because of delay in sanction of the finances for the participation of scientist from Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology. The first expedition is likely to take place in mid 2008.

Scientific Hut at Chhota Shigri Glacier

3.20     A team consisting of Prof Syed Iqbal Hasnain, Shri HCS Rawat and AVM PCS Rautela visited the glacier and selected ideal site for erection of a Scientific Hut to continuously record weather parameters at the glacier which has been earmarked as a representative Glacier by International Commission on Snow and Ice. The site is located at WGS-84 coordinates N 34°38.76', E 77°50.256', ht 12667'. The construction of the Hut and installation of the sensors is likely be completed by Sept 08.


4.1     MoYA&S and IMF mission to propagate adventure programme for disabled youth has been given a greater thrust and during the last FY we trained approx 200 children in special adventure training camps held at Darjeeling, Manali, Patnitop, Pahalgam, Bikener, Gauwahati and Delhi.. The media played a significant role in spreading our objective which resulted in overwhelming number of enquiries from various NGO's in the country for programmes for 2007-2008. We plan to train approx 500 disabled youth. This year's budget is three times of the last year. This year we have already conducted three courses and a course cum expedition at Leh creating a sort of world record by putting two blind men and two deaf and dumb women on top of Stok Kangri(20,400'). The course and expedition was flagged by non other than HH the Dalai Lama, the most compassionate and magnanimous. Hon'ble Minister of Youth Affairs and sports has applauded our efforts in this direction.


UIAA General Assembly and Council Meetings

5.1     UIAA has been split in two parts. The General Assembly at its meeting held in Canada in Oct 06 accepted the proposal of the Working Group to allow UIAA Climbing, a separate body, to fulfill the International Olympic Committee criteria and to have the Sports Climbing included as Olympic Event. The meeting was attended by Shri N N Vohra as member of the Council.

5.2     The UIAA Council and General Assembly Meeting at Matsumoto, (Japan) held on 05 & 06 October, 2007 was attended by Shri N N Vohra and UIAA General Assembly and UAAA meetings by Col H S Chauhan.

UIAA new fee structure

5.3     At the UIAA General Assembly in 2003 meeting, it was agreed that there shall be a one-time 20% increase in Annual Fees for 2005 and side by side a Working Group shall review all financial, constitutional etc matters and make its recommendations at the 2004 Assembly. In this context and to put an end on the long pending issue IMF had agreed to enhance its Annual Fee to CHF 3000 in 2005 on the understanding that any further increase on the basis of the Working Group's findings shall be done in due consultation with IMF and not on an across board basis. The fee structure of UIAA is on the basis of number of Members of the Member Federations. UIAA counts Clubs/Associations listed with IMF as also Tour Operators as Members of the IMF. This year's demand of the UIAA was for CHF 3,562, equivalent in Rs.1,44,830/- approx, i.e. increase of Rs.22,850/- approx. In 2006, we paid CHF 3000 though the bill was raised for CHF 3,520.00 and there was no objection raised. We wrote to UIAA that we should be charged the amount agreed in 2004 but the UIAA did not accept our plea in the light of present constitution. Therefore, IMF paid the revised fee for 2007.


Participation of Indian Team at Asian Indoor Games, Macau (China) from 26 Oct to 3 Nov 2007.

IMF approved participation of 6 Climbers (3 men and 3 women), based on their ranking in the last two competitions to represent India under the aegis of Indian Olympic Association for Sport Climbing Competition at 2nd Asian Indoor Games held at Macau from 27 Oct to 03 Nov 2007. The Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports has approved the participation in the event at the cost of IMF. Intensive training was imparted to National Team at Bangalore, Uttarkashi and Delhi from 21 Sep to end Oct 07. Team left for Macau on 27 Oct 07. AVM (Retd) A K Bhattacharyya accompanied the team as Manager and Shri Keerthi Pias as Coach.

In the speed event the performance of the Indian Team was not satisfactory as the newly approved and introduced 'World Cup Holds' were used for the first time in the Asian Competition. Without a feel on the holds the Indian found it slightly uncomfortable to climb on whereas the same holds are being regularly used by countries like China, Korea, Japan and Singapore who naturally performed better in this event. The case of Mathwar Singh was an unfortunate one wherein the touch pad malfunctioned and the stop time was not recorded and he was disqualified as a result. There were five other candidates who were the victims of malfunctioning touch pads.

In the lead events the route set by the Korean and Japanese route setters were of very high international standard and our boys and girls performed well to reach semifinal stage. While the two women were placed 9th and 10th after the semifinal amongst 23 candidates, the men were placed at 14th and 16th place amongst 26 climbers. The men maintained their position within the first eight climbers till the four top ranking Asian climbers overtook them in the final round. On the whole I felt that these boys and girls have considerably improved in their climbing abilities and have a good potential to reach the top 8 levels in next couple of years with sustained training.

Shri Keerthi Pias, the Interim Coach was able to build a team with higher level of confidence and technical abilities during the short period of training which was clearly visible in the competition

Climbers Training Camps

6.2     Basic Climbers Training Camps were successfully conducted at Imphal, Kolkata, Bangalore, Jammu and Bikaner during Mar 07 at five IMF Zones. Nearly 500 budding climbers were imparted training including 25% climbers from NYK and NSS.

Orientation Course for Judges & Route Setters

6.3     As per IMF ISO 9001:2000, certification of Route Setters and Judges is valid for a period of three years and will lapse unless renewed in an Orientation Course to be organised by the IMF from time to time. Accordingly, an Orientation Course was conducted at IMF from 23 to 25 Mar 7 for revalidation.

13th National Sport Climbing Competition

6.4.    13th National Sport Climbing Competition is being held from 21 Nov to 25 Nov'07 at NIM. Uttarkashi.

6.5     In view of good response to our efforts to popularize the IMF climbing wall and sports climbing, IMF considerably reduced various fees for its climbing wall and training as follows:

a) Corporate/Club Membership(New): Rs.3000/yr in which 10 cards will be issued for the use of its members

b) Reduction of daily rates per session from Rs 50 to Rs.20 for Indian students


Automation of Library & Accounts and stores.

7.1     Library has been fully automated. Version 9 of Tally Programme has been installed in the accounts section.

Appointment of Asst Administrative Officer

7.2     Sub. B R Yadav has been appointed as AAO for an initial period of one year on contract basis to be extended on mutual basis.

Circulation of Notes and papers through e-mail

7.3     The use of IT technology for sending papers and mail through e-mail is in vogue world over saving postage and stationary expenditure. It is envisaged that all mails and papers in IMF are to be sent through e-mail which will result in saving of approx Rs 1 Lakh in postage expenses alone besides stationary and staff time. It is therefore stressed that all members obtain an e-mail account. IMF can help them in opening the same. It entails no expenditure on part of the member. It is also suggested that all members visit our redesigned website at least once in a fortnight.

Appointment of Director

7.4     Wg Cdr N K Dahiya from the Indian Air Force has taken over as Director IMF w.e.f. 23 Oct 07. He is B.A & M.Sc (Defence Studies). He has a very good mountaineering background. He qualified both Basic and Advance Mountaineering Courses from HMI and NIM respectively. He was Ldr/Dy Ldr of Kabru Dome and IAF expedition to Mt Everest respectively and had accompanied three foreign expeditions as LO.

Appointment of Asst Manager (Library)

7.5     On a humanitarian ground, Ms Mamta Gouda, the widow of Mr Gauda who is doing Library Science Course of IGNOU (Two papers remaining), has been offered the post of Asst. Librarian on temporary basis for a period of six months. She has been asked to clear her papers and if found suitable she would be appointed on permanent basis.


7.6     Major renovations concerning the Committee room, Presidents room, Dining hall, Toilets, Office have been completed. The kitchen has been modernized with all facilities including Microwave Oven and modern RO system that gives water of mineral water purity. Some minor renovations have been done in upper dormitory including fitting of 40" LCD TV with Tata Sky connection. One of the lower dormitories has been fitted with AC and improved and the other fitted with two desert Coolers. A room has been carved out for night stay of cook as desired by some senior members. Racks have been made in the Dormitory. Two hot and cold water dispenses have been installed at IMF complex. Bulbs/tube lights have been replaced with CFL. IMF office has been modernized by putting work stations. Library is under renovation.

Revalidation of ISO 9001:2000

7.7     Audit of ISO 9001:2000 took place by a team of BSI on 16th January 2006. While the ISO 9001:2000 has been satisfactorily completed, our implementation has been lauded by the Certification Agency.

IMF Website

7.8     The IMF Website has been completely redesigned and is now on the top with search engines. The popularity of the site is evident from three ads received for the site. The ad potential of the site was advised by the designer and in consultation with the designer we earmarked 12 slots for Ads with revenue of Rs 6 to 8 Lakh/year besides saving in postage by putting all info on the web including downloadable forms, notices etc. Thus, the site will not only be self sustaining but earning substantial revenue for IMF.

7.9     Court Cases: IMF is facing two court cases, one relating to the termination of services of a casual employee (in 1997) and the other to the expulsion of one member of the Foundation from its rolls.


8.1     79 books have been added in the Library. Efforts are on to hire a suitable Curator for IMF Museum on as and when required basis.

Publication of "Indian Mountaineer"

8.2     IMF brings out an annual journal, the "Indian Mountaineer". The cost of printing of the required number of copies is largely met from advertisements in the journal. This year two issues have been published. Thanks to the excellent work done by Shri Akhil Bakshi as Chairman of the Committee on no profit/loss basis. The November issue of 2007 has been fully sponsored by the J&K Tourism with the efforts of Shri Mohammad Ashraf.


Weather Stations.

9.1     Two microprocessor controlled automatic weather stations have been procured and installed and working satisfactorily at IMF HQrs for the past six months. One system is earmarked for Chota Shigri and another for Tibet expedition. IMF has planned to procure ultra portable weather stations for its expeditions.

Procurement of Avalanche

9.2     Qty 40 modern DSP technology based light triple antenna, 200 gm wt Avalanche Beacons have been procured which on trial at IMF gave multiple burial search range of 55 meters.

Procurement of V/UHF Walkie Talkie sets

9.3     IMF has procured 40 VHF Walkie Talkie sets a decade back. These are heavy and not reliable, thus no one wants to take them. Also spare parts are not available in that 8 sets are unserviceable. We are procuring 20 modern V/UHF Walkie Talkie sets on immediate basis.


10.1     IMF has projected for Rs.2.78 crore as financial grant from the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports for various adventure activities. Grant for the financial year 2007-08 is yet to be released by the Union Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. Audited Accounts (2006-07) showing IMF's to-date financial position have been submitted to the Government of India for release of grant as also sent to all IMF Members. Regular attention is being paid to invest our corpus funds on the most profitable basis based on the advice of the Honorary Financial Advisor.

10.2     Appointment of Auditor: M/s SS Pathania & Co, appointed Auditors since 1996 are satisfactorily carrying out their task. It is proposed to reappoint M/s S S Pathania & Co for another term of one year. GC also accepted the FA's suggestion to appoint Internal Auditors who would audit the IMF accounts on quarterly basis.

10.3     Audit of IMF Accounts by Government Agency: As decided by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, from whom IMF receives annual grants, the Office of the Director General of Audit, Central Revenues, undertook an audit of IMF's Accounts for 2005-2006. The Audit Inspection Report has been processed and IMF's response on each Audit observation has been responded with.


11.1     Ad-hoc Increase: Due to increase in price index of commodities, an ad-hoc increase was sanctioned to all IMF staff as follows:

          Manager             Rs     600/

          Asst Manger       Rs     500/-

          Class IV              Rs     300/-

11.2     Gratuity Scheme: A Gratuity scheme for the IMF employees was promulgated in 1998. Pursuance to the recent observation and advise of Govt. Auditor, which has been found to be in accordance with the Gratuity Act and Rules, it was become necessary to put on record a clarification that for reckoning the qualifying service under the said schemes, the "total regular service of an IMF employee will be taken into account". The same has been done. The pending claim of the widow of late Shri Bir Bahadur, Chowkidar of IMF, which was the first case under the Scheme, has been computed on the above lines and final payment made to the widow.

11.3     Enhancement of Earned Leaves encashment from 90 days to 180 days: Encashment of earned leave has been enhanced from 90 days to 180 days.


Golden Jubilee of IMF in 2008

12.1     The Golden Jubilee of the IMF will be celebrated during 2008. A Committee headed by Capt MS Kohli was constituted to plan the events/programmes to be conducted during the year. On tentative basis, it is planned to hold the inaugural function on 15 May 08 with GC meeting, adventure tourism meet/seminar at Srinagar/Pahalgam at the invitation of the Govt. of J&K and a trek and cleaning drive to Kolahai glacier which is likely to be of 5 days duration. On 15 Oct 08, Golden Jubilee Celebrations will be held at Vigyan Bhawan. President/Prime Minister of India will be invited to be the Chief Guest. Concerned Ministers from Defence, Home, Tourism and Youth Affairs & Sports and Communications will be invited. A film will be shown and a book on achievements of IMF will be released. In addition to these events, expeditions, Asian Sport Climbing Championship, Youth Adventure Camps, Cleaning Expeditions, seminar/talks/discussions will be held in the year. IMF requests maximum participation of members to make the Golden Jubilee of IMF a memorable event.

Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Awards for the year 2006

12.2     Mountaineers/Adventurers are honoured by the Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports with Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Awards every year. Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award is at par with Arjuna Award. Accepting IMF's recommendations, the Ministry conferred on S/Shri Gurdial Singh and Sub Palden Giachho, a Life Time Achievement Award and Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award for 2006 respectively.

Induction of Honorary, Individual and Associate Members

12.3     The Governing Council, in exercise of the powers vested in it under Rule 13 of the IMF Rules, inducted 27 selected persons as non-voting Associate Members of IMF for a period of 3 years w.e.f. 27 Oct 07. The total number of the non voting Associate Members now stands 72 against the strength of 100. The Governing Council has also recommended to the General Body for approval as provided in the Rule, 5 persons for Honorary and 23 for Individual Membership of the IMF.


I am grateful to the Members of the Governing Council, the Vice Presidents, Hony FA, Hony Secretary and the Chairmen/Chairpersons of the various Committees for their devotion and strong support to the functioning of the IMF. I thank all Members of the Foundation for their sustained interest and guidance as also to the IMF Staff for their devoted work. I also thank all those who are present in today's meeting for their keen interest and participation.