Area:Arunachal Pradesh

Team: Indian (IMF) expedition

Leader: Dr. P M Das

Team Size:9




This was a high profile expedition led by Dr Das who was Vice-President of the IMF. The team included two Everest summiteers and 4 experienced Sherpas.

While attempting the summit, the party was caught in an avalanche and were hurled down the slope. They got entangled in the rope they were tied to. In all 5 climbers died while two survived with serious injuries.

The climbers who perished on the mountain were: Dr P. M. Das, Inder Kumar, Ms. Nari Dhami (these two had summitted Everest), Dawa Sherpa and Dawa Wangchuk., Sherpas from the Sonam Gyasto Mountaineering School at Gangtok.

Unfortunately available details are sketchy as all leading members died on the mountain.

Dr P M Das, apart from being the Vice-President of the IMF, was Hon. Local Secretary of the Himalayan Club for Punjab. Hailing from Guwahati, Assam he was brilliant police officer who had won medals for his bravery during the days of Punjab militancy. He had participated in 33 mountaineering expeditions, including Everest (reaching Camp 5 at 7700 m), Mana and Mukut peaks- both 7000ers, Gorichen East (6222 m) amongst others. In his death, the Indian mountaineering world has lost a senior climber and able administrator.