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    IMF President, Col. (Retd.) H.S. Chauhan
    Col. (Retd.) H.S. Chauhan
    (President, IMF)
    Mountaineering is a thrilling and challenging activity. The Indian Himalaya offers hundreds of the most fascinating climbing routes, very few of which have been discovered by mountaineers. There are also an immense numbers of fantastic trekking routes to be found here. The Indian Himalaya is also a very fragile eco-system. Mountaineers climbing here have a special responsibility towards protection of this fragile eco-system. It is also a highly unforgiving environment and could be dangerous if not respected. IMF has created guidelines and a set of Dos' and Don'ts, a copy of which may be obtained from the IMF Office and there is a lot of information on this website which I urge climbers and mountaineers to go through and educate themselves before venturing out in the mountains. I would like to quote Edward Whymper here: "Climb if you will, but remember that courage and strength are nought without prudence, and that a momentary negligence may destroy the happiness of a lifetime. Do nothing in haste; look well to each step; and from the beginning think what may be the end." Sport Climbing is fast developing and IMF has been nurturing this sport for several years. Sport climbing emphasises strength, endurance, gymnastic ability and technique. It has gained immense popularity as sport climbing offers an easier, more convenient experience which requires less equipment, and has a lower level of risk than traditional climbing. IMF encourages young climbers from all over the country to take up this sport. At IMF we also look forward to contributors towards environmental protection, specially mountain protection and skill development to provide the fast growing interest in adventure activities with the skilled manpower needed for its growth.