Area: Gangotri Area (Garhwal)

Height: 6200 m

Team : Indian (West Bengal)

Leader: Somnath Mondal (15 members)


The team established camp at foot of the mountain but could not reach the summit due poor ice conditions. The team climbed up almost on the shoulder of Devachan on 24th August but found the going to be too difficult for them to be successful.

Team: Indian (West Bengal)

Leader: Anand Kumar Mandi (15 members)


This expedition established the base camp at 4880 m near Tapovan in early May. Three camps were established on the mountain. However they could reach only up to 6000 m on the west ridge. They could not negotiate a 60 m high overhanging serac and as it broke they had a narrow escape.

Team: Dutch

Leader: Malvin Redeker with Mike Van Berkel, Cas Van de Gevel


A team of three experienced members from Holland climbed Thalay Sagar by the northeast face to the southeast ridge. All the three members made an 11-day push from base camp to summit, from 14 th September to 23 rd September. This was one of the best climbs in the Indian Himalaya this year. They too faced bad weather in the early part on their climb but they waited out the period to make this attempt.

Team 5: Bulgarian

Leader: Nikola Levakov (7 members)


This Bulgarian team established base camp on 21 st September at 4700 m and attempted the summit via northwest face. Two members reached the summit on 12 th October 2003. The summiteers were leader Nikola Levakov with Hristo Hristov. This was a good strong push of 7 days from base camp to the top. Leader Nikola Levakov suffered severe frostbites and had to be evacuated by air.