1.         IMF is an Apex Body appointed by Government of India to Organise, support and provide a base for Mountaineering Expeditions, Sport Climbing, Skiing, Trekking at High Altitudes and encourage, support and execute schemes for related adventure activities and environmental protection work.

2.         Priority for Issue of Equipment and Terms and Conditions for the issue are given in the succeeding paragraphs: -

(a)       The Mountaineering equipment /Clothing /Camping /Technical held on the inventory of IMF Gyan Stores may be issued to the following category in the order of priority: -

  1. IMF Sponsored expeditions / Joint expeditions.
  2. LOs detailed by IMF with foreign expeditions.
  3. IMF Members on expeditions/trek not covered by           Sl.No. (i)& (ii)
  4. Expedition Sponsored by mountaineering clubs to IMF (Subject to the expeditions/treks approved by IMF).
  5. Any climbers/trekker recommended by Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Home Affairs and Defence.
  6. Any Indian / Foreign Expeditions / Trekkers


(b)       Mountaineering / Trekking expedition teams Trekkers are expected   to request to the Director – IMF, well in advance, for their requirements of the equipment. 

(c)        Equipment is booked on “first come first served basis “.

(d)       Travel Agency / Trekking Agency / Tour Operators or any one with commercial interest/ in adventure sports field will not be issued equipment from IMF.

(e)       Security deposit for the equipment will be made by Demand Draft / Bankers Cheque (BC) in favour of Indian Mountaineering Foundation, New Delhi and refundable once the equipment is returned in good condition and without any damage. 

(f)        Incase lost/damaged, items full book price of the same will be recovered from the team /person or adjusted against the DD/BC.

(g)       No equipment will be changed by the user. Same items as per the brand, make, Model, Color, as issued, will be returned / accepted.

(h)       Other than five zones, no Sport Climbing Equipment will be issued to any individual, from IMF store.    

(i)         Items to be checked for serviceable condition before taking them out of IMF Store. Once equipment is issued, IMF will not be responsible for any short fall  / loss / damage.

(j)         IMF is not responsible for any incident / accident / damage / loss / injury occurring due to improper use and mishandling of IMF equipment. IMF equipment is of standard make / UIAA Certified manufactured.

(k)        Amount towards maintenance expenses will be levied for wear & tear of the camping equipment and for dry-cleaning of clothing items.

3.         Manager (Stores) will ensure that mountaineering equipment is issued properly on loan cards.  4.   List of equipment With security deposit / maintenance charges on account of wear & tear of equipment dry cleaning/washing expenses during use is enclosed as Appendix.