Expeditions in 2000

Expeditions in 2000

This year was marked by several good expeditions and ascents of new peaks in the Indian Himalaya. Amongst the leading climbs in the Garhwal were the ascents of Nilkanth, a new line of ascent on Shivling by the Germans and the Korean ascents of Mukut Parvat East and Abi Gamin. A British team visited the Arwa valley again and made a fine ascent of Arwa Spire. Indian teams climbed Sudarshan Parvat, Chaturangi and Sri Kailash.

In Himachal the first ascent of Khangla Tarbo was achieved by an Irish team. Gepang Goh was attempted by the Indian team while the Japanese teams made excellent exploratory climbs in Spiti.

In the higher ranges, Kangchenjunga sent back an Austrian team from a height of only 6200 m. The exploration of Rimo Glacier and the ascent of Rimo III was another highlight of the season. The Indo-French team also reached Karakoram Pass and Col Italia, one of the rare civilian teams to do so, creating a history of sorts.

Expeditions in Jammu & Kashmir


Dzo Jongp (6,150m) - German expedition

East Karakoram

Saser Kangri (7,672 m)- Indian expedition

Rimo 2000 Karakoram Expedition- Joint Indian & French expedition

Expeditions in Himachal Pradesh


Unnamed Peak (6,127 m)- Indian expedition

Unnamed Peak (6,111 m)- Indian expedition

Shiva (6,142 m)- Indian expedition

Gepang Goh (6,053 m)- Joint Indian & Japanese expedition

Other Areas

Khangla Tarbo I (6,315 m)- Irish expedition

Menthosa (6,443 m)- Japanese expedition

Snow Cone (6311 m)- Indian expedition

Mulkila IV (6,517 m)- Japanese expedition

South Parvati (6,128 m)- British expedition

Unnamed Peaks (6222 m) and (6140 m)- Japanese expedition

Unnamed Peak (6,250 m)- British expedition

Expeditions in Uttarakhand


Nilkanth ( New Route)- British expedition

Abi Gamin (7,355 m) and Mukut Parvat East (7,130 m)- Korean expedition

Arwa Spire (6,193 m)- British expedition

Bhagirathi II (6,512 m)- French expedition

Bhagirathi III (6,454 m)- Joint Swedish & German expedtion

Gangotri (6,672 m- Italian expedition

Jogin I (6,465 m)- British expedition

Satopanth (7,075 m)- Joint Indian, Spanish & Swiss expedition

Shivling (6,543 m)- Joint Indian & French expedition. Joint French, German & American expedition. Joint Canadian, Swiss & French expedition.

Nanda Kot (6,861 m)- Indian expedition

Thalay Sagar (6,904 m)- Korean expedition

Rataban (6167 m)- 3 Indian expeditions

Sudarshan Parvat (6,507 m)- 2 Indian expeditions

Chandra Parvat (6,728 m)- Indian expedition

Peak 5242 m (East of Panch Chuli-V)- Indian expedition

Deoban (6,855 m)- Indian expedition

Chaturangi (6,407 m)- Indian expedition


Burphu Dhura (6,210 m)- 2 Indian IMF expeditions

Expeditions in Sikkim


Kanchenjunga (6,200 m) - Austrian expedition