LAXMI 2005

LAXMI 2005

Area:East Karakoram

Height:6850 m

Team :Indian (Indian Navy) expedition

Team Size: 10

Leader:Lt. Cdr. Amit Pande

Period:April to May



A 10 member Naval team attempted Laxmi (6850 m), a virgin peak on the Teram Shehr glacier in east Karakoram.  Lt Cdr Amit Pande, who was the Dy Leader for the Naval Everest expedition in 2004, led the team. The team left New Delhi on  19th April  and reached Siachen Base Camp on 23rd April via Thoise Partapur and the Nubra Valley. The weather in 2005 has been extremely bad and there was unusually heavy snowfall in April and May. It took five days for the team to reach the confluence of the Teram Shehr and the Siachen glaciers.

BC on the Teram Shehr glacier was established at an altitude of 5250 m. The peak was attempted from the NW face.  C1 / summit camp was established next to a narrow ridge line at an altitude of 6000 m prior getting on to the face of the mountain.  Route on the mountain was opened till 6380 m.

The weather meanwhile continued to play truant and the team could not leave BC for several days. ‘Indian Meteorological Dept’ forecasted a long spell of bad weather along with blizzards in the area. The team had to temporarily withdraw to a lower camp. During their stay at the lower camp the team attempted Junction peak. However a minor avalanche hit the team on  25th May. Three members suffered injuries. All three were sent back and the expedition subsequently withdrawn.