Area:Spiti, Upper Lingti valley

Height:6250 m

Team :Japanese expedition

Leader:Tatsumi Mizuno

Team Size:10


Period:July to August


Towards northern Spiti between peak Shilla and Parilungbi stands this unnamed peak of 6250m which was first attempted by M. H Contractor and Harsinh in 1987. They were attempting from the Syarma nala and the eastern routes. This year a Japanese expedition approached it from the north-western approach , which is open to foreigners.

Crossing Parang la they turned south to make a base camp at the foot of this peak on 28th July 2005. From this base camp at 5050m they reached the summit with all members and three high altitude porters. Summiteers were leader, Topu Taru Yanagihara, K. Mizuno, Ms. Takako Niura, Kya Kanade with a Liaison Officer and four other porters.

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