MERU 2006

MERU 2006

Area:Garhwal Himalaya (Gangotri Area)

Height:6660 m

Team 1 :Australian

Leader:Dr. Glenn Singleman


They climbed Meru Central (a.k.a. Shark's Fin) 6550 m., via the west face. After reaching base camp at Tapovan on 3rd May 2006, they put up four more camps before reaching the summit. Michael Geoffrey Hill, Malcolm Haskins, reached the top on 18th May followed by Tove Petterson on 20th May .

Two members achieved new world record for altitude base-jumping. The leader with Heather Swan flew wing-suits from a ledge at 6604 m

Team 2 :Japanese

Leader:Hiroyoshi Manome


This four-member team established base camp at Tapovan on 1st September 2006 and ABC at 4800 m, C1 at 5300 m as well as two bivouacs at 5800 m and 6200 m. They climbed via the northeast face. The leader with Makoto Kuroda, Okada Yasushi and Hanatani Yasuhiro reached summit on 26th Sept at 7.30 a.m.

Team 3 :Czech

Leader:Jan Kreisinger and Marek Holecek


This two-member team, after establishing advanced base camp at 5400 m, climbed the northeast face in alpine style. On 6th October 2006, both the members reached the summit.