Area: Himachal Pradesh

Height: 6443 m

Team : Indian (Maharashtra)

Leader:Dhananjay Bhagat

Period: August to September 2004


This is the peak situated in little known valley of Kinnaur. The circumambulation route of Kinnaur Kailash passes at its foot. The team comprising of nine members reached there in early August and the summit was reached on 31st August. They followed the north ridge and Dhananjay Bhagat with guide Manoj reached the summit.

Team: Indian (West Bengal)

Leader: Chanchal Bhaduri

Period: September to October 2004


This eleven members Indian team had some strange experiences with the bureaucracy. In spite of having permissions from the IMF they were not allowed to go beyond base camp at Zonikanda (4250m). The local army and the Indo-Tibet Border Authorities refused permission to proceed on 20th September.