PEAKS 6132M & 6154 M 2005

PEAKS 6132M & 6154 M 2005

Area:Kinnaur - Baspa valley

Height:6132 m & 6154 m

Team:Indian (Howrah District Mountaineers and Trekkers Association, West Bengal) expedition

Team Size:13

Leader:N Prasad Rao




These peaks are situated at the head of Armasong nala, which drains into the Baspa river. The team travelled from Sangla to Chhitkul and via Rani kanda, Dhunti. Base camp was established at Nithal Thach on the banks of Armasong nala (4380 m). Two further camps were established at 4880 m and 5560 m. From here both the peaks were simultaneously climbed. The leader with Sanjoy Ghosh, Bimal Krishna Biswas, Ajoy Mondal, Subrata Banerjee, Molay Mukherjee, Somnath Hazara and Dilip Tirky with 4 HAS (Lalbadhur, Kolbahadhur, Himmat Singh and Balwant Singh) reached the summits on 19th August.

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