SAIFE 2003

SAIFE 2003

Area: Gangotri Area (Garhwal)

Height: 6167 m

Team 1: Indian (IMF)

Leader: Bimal Ch. Goswami (11 members)


This expedition, sponsored by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation, left Delhi on 26 th May 2003. Travelling From Uttarkashi, Gangotri and Gaumukh they made camp at the foot of the peak, which lies on the Swetvarna glacier. They established three camps by 7 th June and 7 members reached the summit of peak Saife 6167 m. The team returned to Delhi by middle of June. Those who reached the summit were Manish Barua, Nizammudin, Pyamcha Mohan, Raju Nanth, Nandu Dual Das, K. W. Lingdo and N. R. Yadav.