Area:Garhwal Himalaya (Gangotri Area)

Height:7075 m

Team 1 :Indian (Parvat Abhiyatri Sangh, Kolkata, West Bengal)

Leader:Shyamal Sarkar


Four members with four Sherpas reached the summit via the traditional northeast ridge on 1st July 2006. The summiteers were Prosenjit Samanta, Suman Chakraborty, Indranil Chatterjee, Debasish Kundu, Sherpa Pemba, Gyalzen, Thendup and Pasang. There were totally 15 members in the team.

Team 2 :Italian (International)

Leader:Bae Hyo Soon


After establishing base camp at north of the peak on 23rd September 2006, they put up 3 more camps on the northeast ridge. The leader, with Jeffery Colegrave, Roland Tomaschko, David Schneiber, Amresh Jha (LO) and Dorjee Sherpa reached the summit on 3rd October at 9.30 a.m.

Team 3 :British

Leader:Simon Moore


The eight-member British team attempted the peak from the north ridge. After establishing 4 camps, Colin Harding with Alex Thorpe reached the summit on 18th September at 10.00 a.m.

Team 4 :Swiss - German

Leader:Jurg Jakob Anderegg


This team reached up to 6950 m on northeast ridge on 17th October. It is not known why they stopped just a little short of the main peak.
The liaison officer reported garbage and pollution at the base camp of this peak, which is a rather common problem with commercial expeditions. On the positive side the team sighted a snow fox / Ibex.