Area:Garhwal Himalaya (Gangotri Area)

Height:6543 m

Team 1 :Indian (Organisers: Phoenix, Kolkata, West Bengal)

Leader:Debasish Kanji


The eight-member team climbed via the west ridge. However they had to stop 150 m short of the summit as weather turned bad. They had to give up the attempt.

Team 2 :Korean

Leader:Bae Hyo Soon


The eight-member team attempted the peak via its northeast face (new route) but could not reach the summit. They reached up to 6000 m. They were stopped due to a very steep route, heavy rock fall and some avalanches. The attempt took place in the months of August / September 2006.

Team 3 :Spanish

Leader:Alberto Inurrategui Iriarte


The leader with Jon Beloqui Iceta and Eneko Guenechea Sasiain reached the summit on 11th May 2006 at 2.00 p.m. This three-member team climbed the west face after establishing base camp on 26th April and Camp 1 at 5600 m.

Team 4 :Polish

Leader:Pawel Garwolinski


All four members of the team reached the summit via the west ridge on 18th September after establishing three high camps.