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For the Climbing Season 2020 IMF has decided to give 50%  discounts on handling charges to encourage the Foreign Climbers to climb peaks in Indian Himalaya.   Details of  Discounts on handling charges offered are attached for information.



    1. Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) is recognised as the National Apex Body for Mountaineering, Trekking Sports climbing and allied Adventure Activities. IMF Would further oversee mountaineering activities and will Control the expedition in the mountain peak within the geographical territory on India in   consolation with Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Home Affairs. Indian Mountaineering Foundation is a society registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860. It is also registered u/s 12A(a), and also notified u/s 80G.



    1. The Indian Mountaineering Foundation New Delhi  invites Quotation  from reputed and experienced Chartered Accountant (CA) firms to participate in the competitive bidding process of Hiring CA for Following  Purpose :
  1. Audit of Account  Every Year
  2. TDS Return Quarterly and Yearly including Salary of Staff
  3. Utilization Certificated as per requirement.
  4. Yearly Income Tax  Return
  5. Any Other work as per Office Requirements
    1. Mandatory Evaluation Criteria :
  1. Head office of the firm must be in Delhi NCR.
  2. The firm should not be barred or black listed by any Governmental Organization.
  3. The bidder should practicing of CA Partnership firm / LLP last 5 year.
  4. The firm should be minimum 5 years old, i.e. minimum 5 years should have elapsed after the registration of the firm.
  5. The firm should have experience of Audit of Minimum 5 Nos. of societies.
  6. The firm should have average minimum turnover of Rs. 10 Lacs for last 2 years consecutively.
    1. Process of Submitting Bids :  Online on email
    2. Last date of Submission : 15thNovember  2019 , 1700 Hrs.
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Combined National Ranking of All India Sport Climbing Competitions - September 2019

New National Records were set in Speed  Climbing on 15 mtr Climbing Wall during All India Sport climbing Competition at Chemchey, Sikkim on 08 September 2019:-

 (a) Men Category

  •       Previous Record set by Adarsh Singh in May 2019 in China --6.835 secs
  •       Deepu recorded 6.82 secs on 08 September 2019 breaking previous record of ADARSH SINGH.
  •      Within minutes Adarsh Singh clicked 6.69 secs breaking the record of Deepu.

(b) Women Category

  • Previous Record set by Anisha Verma in Apr 2019 at Delhi -- 11.75 secs.
  • Anisha broke her own record by clicking 10.75 secs.
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Firms offering Fund Raising Services are invited to submit Expression of Interest in the Format as given in the attached document.

Last Date for Sumbission is 25th September 2019



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The Apex Special Edition on Accidents and Safety is now available for download. The newsletter includes articles based on all the key discussion areas from the IMF Meet on Risk Management held earlier this year.

Please download through the given link.

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The IMF Membership Form is available for download. Click on download pdf to download the form.

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Background: The Chadar is popular winter trek with the objective of walking over the frozen Zanskar river.
In recent years some areas of the river do not freeze over through the winter resulting in situations where
trekkers have to traverse sections which have not frozen.

Advisory released by the IMF on January 3, 2018 :

1. The Chadar trek is typically rated as an easy or moderate trek recommended for first time trekkers.
Based on the current circumstances where the river is in a semi frozen in some sections the trek must
be rated as difficult or demanding.

2. Treks rated difficult or demanding should be conducted in small groups with safety gear to ensure
that multiple safeguards are in place. Adventure lovers who are signing on to do the Chadar in the
2018 season should understand the trek rating and also ensure that the trek operator is adequately
proficient in managing the risk associated with traversing a river with multiple unstable sections.